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Services Provided

  • Assist land owners in their efforts to secure financial assistance through Farm Bill Programs to implement conservation practices
  • Conservation education, programs and information
  • Assist growers with development of low volume irrigation systems
  • Develop and update irrigation water management plans
  • Soil surveys and historical maps
  • Local government advice and assistance
  • Youth education
  • Invasive plant control

We also:

  • The St. Lucie SWCD collects food that we donate to Save the Chimps in St. Lucie County.
  • St. Lucie SWCD sponsors two Special Awards to the STEM (Science and Engineering) Fair in St. Lucie County (one fifty dollar award to a middle school student/ one fifty dollar award to a high school student).
  • District participates in the Citrus Show with USDA NRCS
  • District presents an Outstanding Conservationist of the year award each year at the
  • Conducts a Farm-City Ag Luncheon