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What We Do

The St. Lucie Soil and Water Conservation District, a governmental subdivision of the State of Florida, was formed on July 3, 1951. This formation is authorized by the “Soil and Water Conservation Law” Chapter 582, enacted by the Florida State Legislature in 1937.

The District is organized for the purpose of developing and carrying out programs for conserving St. Lucie County’s natural resources. The program of conservation is operated by five non-salaried, locally elected individuals concerned with the conservation of our natural resources.

To achieve this ideal, the District entered into an agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture, whereby the USDA –Natural Resources Conservation Service provides technical information and experienced conservation personnel to offer services on request to any individual landowner, or groups of landowners, interested in planning, installing and maintaining a natural resources protection program based upon the land capability and the landowners’ needs.

The St. Lucie Soil and Water Conservation District is composed of all land lying within the boundaries of St. Lucie County. It is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean; on the south by Martin County; on the west by Okeechobee County; and on the north by Indian River County.

A Code of Ethics has been adopted by the district.  For Code of Ethics Information. View Code of Ethics Here.

The St. Lucie SWCD operates under Florida Statutes 582 under the Florida Legislature.

Charter / creation document (Community development districts may reference Chapter 190, Florida Statutes – Community Development Districts, as the uniform charter, but must include information relating to any grant of special powers)Statute or statutes under which the special district operates, if different from the statute or statutes under which the special district was established. 

Creation of St. Lucie Soil and Water Conservation District